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Ross McFarlane writes soft and kind stories which he yells in a weak Glaswegian accent far too fast for anyone to understand. He wants to write with the perfect simplicity of ONSIND, stir up heady excitement in a crowd like Laura Jane Grace, and draw you slowly into a Craig Finn-esk world of his own creation.

Self-styled "Glasgow's No. 1 Support Act", Ross has opened for touring poets and musicians alike including; Sabrina Benaim, Shane Koyczan, Rudy Fransisco, Rae Spoon, Petrol Girls, Throw Me Off The Bridge, and Jesus and his Judgmental Father. Catch him on the MegaBuses searching for touring musicians to accost with poetry.

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“What a buzzing ball of talent Ross McFarlane is.”

– Sabrina Benaim

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Check out more stories by Ross through In The Works spoken word theatre company, where he has written for and performed in productions including A Matter of Time and The 900 Club, as well as touring the UK and Ireland with millennial drama Make/Shift. He is a writer and producer on queer horror audio drama Folxlore, which has won the Audio Verse Award for Best New Storytelling Production, and featured in The Atlantic’s 50 Best Podcasts of 2020.

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"Ross has always been a force of nature both with his performance skills on a stage and the sheer quality and nuance his words carry."

– Tyrone Lewis

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